The Jim Venetos Golf Academy teaches thousands of students through an online training portal a universal system for golf that is; easy to consistently perform, produces powerful golf shots, creates premier control over the ball, reduces the physical stress on your body and will allow you to play the best golf of your life!

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You’re Limited with Traditional Golf

If you’ve played any golf, you know that consistency and power can be elusive. That’s because the theories of traditional golf instruction are far too challenging to perform consistently. In traditional instruction, you are asked to manage the swing’s movements, and considering the movements for a golf swing are complex, it’s no wonder that you would struggle with consistency. Even more, the movements for the traditional golf swing often give golfers physical pain along with great frustration.

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Your Best Round of Golf is Coming

Everyone has felt the joy of hitting an effortless and powerful golf shot but also struggled to recreate that experience. Unlike in traditional golf instruction where your swing is based on rhythm, tempo, and timing, my system is based on keeping your weight still from a proper setup position. This simple adjustment in your set up position and your focus during the swing will provide you with a consistent, repeatable, powerful, and pain-free golf swing! Better yet, you’ll also be empowered with clarity and an understanding to be able to quickly fix your misses and consistently play the greatest golf of your life!

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One-On-One Access to Jim Venetos


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Large Troubleshooting Library


One Swing Thought - Stillness


A Community of Golfer Support


Video Swing Analysis


Jim Venetos
JIm Venetos

Hello, I’m Jim Venetos

When I was young, I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the world’s greatest traditional golf instructors. Still, I found that what they taught limited my ability to control my ball flight and, even worse, was far too challenging to perform consistently… sound familiar? At 17, I turned my back on traditional instruction and followed the Bauhaus principle of “Form Follows Function.” I wanted the Function of a powerful, solid tight draw for my stock shot, so I created a form that would allow me to create that result. And, when I started teaching in 1994, I realized that the Form would work for you too! Since then, I have helped thousands of golfers to eliminate their slice and develop a powerful and consistent golf swing that easy to perform! I’ve climbed Mount Howtoplaygoodgolf myself and figured out a safe and easy route for the rest of the golf population to climb the same mountain. My average student is an eight handicap, while the rest of the population’s average handicap is 16. Which means… not only will you improve with my instruction, but you will be far better than the norm. My students are consistent because the swing I teach is consistent (due to a simple swing thought) and because they build a comprehensive set of skills that support their ability to play to their handicap. I have helped the most uncoordinated, out of shape, inflexible golfers to far surpass their golf goals. And then those who have a talent for the game, I have helped to not only exceed their goals but to compete at the highest levels of amateur golf. Sign up today to join the thousands of other students I’ve taught to play exceptional and consistent golf!

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What’s Included?

One-on-One Access to Jim Venetos 

On-Demand Instruction

A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Library 

One Swing Thought – Stillness

A Community of Golfer Support 

Video Swing Analysis 

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What's Included?

As a Team Level Member of the Academy, you have:

  • Access to all of the Academy’s Instructional Content
  • Unlimited Video Analysis Through The Free v1 Golf App
  • Unlimited Communication With Jim Through Email & Academy Comments
  • 6 1-Hour Virtual Golf lessons With Jim Through Skype/FaceTime

I appreciate your commitment to improving, and I will strive to give you an “Inside the Ropes” experience!

Your Team Level Membership Includes 6 One Hour Virtual Lessons With Jim!

When – You will schedule your lessons through Jim’s personal calendar (Link)

What – Jim will be talking you through your practice session where he will teach you the process he wants you to use when you practice, he will improve your technique, and he will download to you an internal dialogue that will help you to establish and maintain your skills.

How – Via Zoom. You will need a smartphone, Bluetooth earbuds that will connect to your phone, a tripod, and a good internet connection.

Why – Because you’re a Team Level Member with direct access to Jim for Virtual Instruction!

I’m so happy you’ve decided to take advantage of this wonderful time in technology where I can Virtually be on the range with you! Over these 6 Lessons, we will cover:

  • The Fundamentals for your Short Game & Long Game
  • The Full Swing
  • The Bump & Run, Pitch & Lob
  • The Putting Stroke
  • The Fairway & Greenside Sand Game
  • Strategy & Course Management
  • Your Yardage Card
  • Manipulating Trajectory & Spin
  • Shaping The Ball

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