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The Logic Behind The Techniques You Are Learning

When you understand why we execute these techniques it becomes much easier to physically apply the concepts. In this section you will learn the reasoning behind the mechanics for the Short & Long Game.

The First Skill You Are Going To Learn

Developing proper swing path through impact is the key to controlling the ball for your Short & Long Game. Once you can properly execute this skill, all other shots will be easier to learn.  

The Bump & Run And The Pitch

The Bump & Run and The Pitch are the fundamental shots for your Short Game. They will improve your ability to score while also giving you the foundation to build other short game skills like controlling spin, manipulating trajectory, playing from green side bunkers and hitting lob shots.

The Long Game

In the Long Game section you will; build your full swing through the bag, learn how to scale the size of your swing with your irons, learn how to manipulate trajectory and learn how to work the ball.

The Putting Game

In this section you will learn; the logic behind the putting stroke, develop your putting stroke, learn how to read greens, learn how to control the pace of your putts and become a great putter.

The Sand Game and Other Hazards

Hazards should be avoided but when you find yourself in one, these lessons will help you to effectively play out of them. 

The Lob

In this section you will learn how to play Lob shots and more importantly, I hope you will learn to avoid these shots. 

Strategy & Course Management

Time to take your skills to the course! In this section Jim will give you insight on how to best navigate a golf course relative to your skill set.

What to Look for in Your Skills

When you see what I see and say what I say, you will do what I do. These videos will help you to understand what to look for in your swing, putting stroke and short game skills.


Troubleshoot Your Short Game

These lessons will help you to address issues you may be facing with your short game. 

Troubleshoot Your Long Game 

This large library of videos will help you to troubleshoot your Long Game and covers many topics including your set up, your swing thought, your misses and much more!

Troubleshoot Your Strategy & Course Management

Having trouble scoring? Watch these videos to improve your Strategy and scores.

Troubleshoot Your Putting

Improve your putting stroke by viewing these videos.

Further Explanation Of The Academy Theory

Jim expands on the Academy theories to help you get a clearer understanding of the techniques you are learning.

Conventional Theory Revealed

Ever confused by the Traditional viewpoints on the golf swing? Watch these videos and your mysteries will be explained.

Your Learning Process

Being a good student is crucial to your development. In these videos, Jim gives you insight into your learning process so you can better perspective on your growth as a golfer.

Protocols & Etiquette

The rule book in golf is as long as a novel and often confusing too. In this section Jim helps you to understand the nuances of protocols and etiquette in golf. 


In this section you will find Drills and Practice Tips will be effective in helping you to improve your skills.

Shot Consultant

That’s right, I’m your Shot Consultant. In this section, I display and talk you through beginner, intermediate and advanced options for shots you will face on the course. 


Recorded Webinars

As a member of the Academy you have access to Jim’s webinars that cover all aspects of your golf training.

Submit Training Question

Do you have a question that isn’t covered in the training? Submit your question here and Jim Venetos will review your question.