Christopher Duff

Certified Golf Instructor
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Phone: (228) 280-0030
Email: chris@jimvenetosgolfacademy.com
Website: golfgenix.com


Diamondhead, Mississippi


For 3 decades I have had the pleasure of helping golfers to accomplish and exceed their golf goals. I am a passionate student of player development and thoroughly enjoy giving you the gift of playing great golf. Lead Golf Instructor/Founder – GolfGenix Academy Director & Mental/Performance. Certified Jim Venetos Golf Academy Instructor. Certified Titleist Performance Institute Coach. Certified Leadbetter University Mental Mastery Coach. Certified BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist. Certified US Kids Golf Instructor.


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Monthly full scale mental & performance program (in-person & virtual). Junior, Collegiate, and Adult programs available.

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