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Certified Golf Instructor
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Phone: (228) 280-0030
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Diamondhead, Mississippi


For 3 decades I have had the pleasure of helping golfers to accomplish and exceed their golf goals. I am a passionate student of player development and thoroughly enjoy giving you the gift of playing great golf. Lead Golf Instructor/Founder – GolfGenix Academy Director & Mental/Performance. Certified Jim Venetos Golf Academy Instructor. Certified Titleist Performance Institute Coach. Certified Leadbetter University Mental Mastery Coach. Certified BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist. Certified US Kids Golf Instructor.


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Monthly full scale mental & performance program (in-person & virtual). Junior, Collegiate, and Adult programs available.


"I decided to visit with Coach Chris for two in-person lessons to accelerate my learning the JVGA swing.  The experience met my high expectations.  I would broadly categorize my take-aways as follows. Immediate wins.  I was able to immediately acquire several skills that Coach Chris teaches.  As one example, I learned a much easier and simpler way to get into a solid and balanced set up position which, in turn, better enables consistency and power.  As another, I learned techniques to improve my mental game, giving me greater resilience after a disappointing shot or hole. Better and more precise knowledge of what I need to work on. We identified elements of my swing that I will need to practice to improve and ingrain.  For example, when I learned the traditional swing long ago, I was taught that the club’s first move is backwards down the target line. Doing so with the JVGA swing would mean lifting the club on a steep path rather than letting the arms swing naturally on an arc.  Breaking the old paradigm takes some work. I finally “get” the Swing Path Drill. While I understood the mechanics of the drill and what was expected, I never appreciated why even amazing ball strikers like Jim Venetos and Coach Chris practice the drill daily.  Now I get it.  It’s clear to me why the drill is valuable to players of all levels, and why it’s important to practice regularly. Understanding the importance motivates me to do it consistently. On top of those specific learnings, I came away with a new confidence that I can reach the next level with some practice.  That optimism brings me to a more positive mindset and encourages me to improve." - Paul Fischer

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