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“Pardon me saying this – This gentleman is trying to save the golf industry worldwide. The more the golfing population can play better golf, the more willingly they continue to play. Mr. Venetos’s unique swing teaching method is much less complicated than the conventional method. I just need to understand the swing concept with more discipline and diligent practice in both long and short game. But as feedback by the JV Academy students, the results are plain to see and feel. And if any officer holder at US PGA is watching this, Mr. Jim Venetos should be seriously considered for the Teach of the Year Award.”CK Lam

“I have admired your delivery and teachings for a while now. Your articulation in sharing your golf swing mechanics (not complicated but rather simple) is a dream come true for many struggling golfers. If they just give it a try. In the range/school where I volunteer, there are about 40 or more hitting mats. Almost all try to check their swing, lag, impact position, weight shift, etc. I dabble in teaching golf and volunteer at The First Tee of the Triangle. The misconception among many is that there is a perfect swing. If there were one, then we all would all have it. But there is no such a swing. What we are all seeking is consistency. Your golf teaching comes close to such a swing by minimizing many of the variables during the golf swing. You have taken the mystery out of the golf swing with articulation and convocation. You do not teach the swing “du jour,” and the promise of untold 300-yard drives as many golf teachers may do. What you are offering is more “CONSISTENCY,” the magic word in the golf world.”Reda K.

“Jim Jim Jim, I don’t even know where to start, but let’s start with a big thanks! Man, this is incredible. I applied your method at my practice session, and the light switch went on. My ball-striking became so pure with my irons I couldn’t believe my eyes, the ball flight the dispersion was truly amazing. I’ve never seen anyone promote this as you do. It started working right away, with barely any effort, too—still, I struggle a little with the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. I hope to see a video from you in the future on this, just to grasp it a little better. I think I’m over swinging a bit instead of letting those clubs do their thing independently. I will continue this method as long as I play golf, for it’s the only way now, no looking back anymore. I’ve found it thanks to you, and thanks for saving my back and my body. I was always sore with other swing methods after practicing or after a golf round, which has changed my life. Cheers man!”Jamie R.

“Hi Jim. First, I want to say I’m loving your hitting technique. This is the first time playing golf, that I’m not burdened with a multitude of swing thoughts. My only thought is to stay still after getting my weight to my left side. I’m a long way from mastering the technique but really starting to feel comfortable with my swing. My game has become so much more predictable. I normally play nine holes two or three times per week, and my last three rounds have been 41, 41, and another 41. Pretty sure I can eliminate some silly mistakes and get into the upper 30’s soon. That is my goal for this summer. I wish I had found you when I first started playing 15 years ago when I was 65. My frustration level would have been a lot lower. You have made me a happy golfer! Thanks again.” – Tom R.

“I’m sure you get this a lot, but a big reason I was drawn to your technique was your demeanor and laid back attitude. I’m definitely not a “golfer” by traditional standards, and I couldn’t watch another uptight video from some guy in the latest golf attire selling brands more than technique.” – Jay

“The Jim Venetos Golf Method is the most effective technique there is. In the short time I’ve studied Jim’s method, I now understand my swing, have dropped my handicap from a 14 to a 6.3 and have more fun playing golf!” – Noel | Age 56

“I hit a bucket of balls today. I closed my setup more as you suggested, and it helped a ton! Not one banana ball! I can’t thank you enough for making the game fun again!” – Mike M

“Yep, this swing is for us, said a formerly skeptical 64 yr old kinda fat, stiff, arthritic guy with a left hip replacement. In a little over a month, I’ve gained a lot of calm and confidence over the ball. I know where it’s probably going to go now; things are simpler, I hit better, more consistent shots, AND I hit the ball about 15 to 20 yards farther with all my clubs with less effort. Most importantly, my short game has really improved as well. The Bio-mechanics of this swing are logical and easy to prove to yourself. Jim’s well ordered and explained online classes and direct personalized video interaction are a huge help in getting this technique dialed in quickly. I highly recommend Jim and his Golf Academy classes. There are important details in his Academy curriculum you won’t find elsewhere. Try it free for a week, you can’t lose. I’m psyched about playing golf again… after 50 years of not so great golf, I’m playing better than I ever thought I could. I’m shaving strokes fast and having a lot more fun playing shots from the nice grass in the fairway!” – TK Riley

“I can’t thank you enough for the Jim Venetos Golf Academy. Recently, at the age of 71, I shot 72, which is my best score on my home course. I fully expect to shoot my age this season. My only regret is that I didn’t know you 25 years ago.” – Bob | Age 72

“Thanks Jim! You’ve really changed my golf pursuit and I can’t wait to keep going with this.” – Kevin | Age 50

“This swing is amazing! I love having the confidence when I stand over the ball that I’m going to hit a good shot. Looking forward to working on the short game and learning how to get up and down!” – Ryan

“Played my first round today with my new swing, shot 84, my best score ever after only 3 days of learning your swing. Every aspect of my game was consistent. I’m coming up on my first year of golf and it feels like I learned more from your program in a couple days than I have in the previous 12 months.” – Syd | Age 46

“THANK GOD I found your website. I have been a member of rotary swing.com for the last 2 years and I have progressed more in the short period that I have been a member of your site. I have a really good feeling about this swing, and in my instructor.” – Dave | Age 46

This methodology has resurrected my entire golf game. My game from tee to green has changed significantly…I’m 25 yards further off the tee, my approach is on target and my chipping is tap in close. The Jim Venetos methodology is no B.S.” – JJ | Age 63

“Just competed in the Senior Club Championship in the 60-69 age group. I shot 87,85 to win my group and ended up winning overall net. I was a 24 handicap & I’m now a 16. Since recommitting to Jim’s technique I have dropped 8 strokes in a little less than 2 months. If anyone starts to have doubts, stick with it. It works. – George | Age 69

“I have been playing golf for 38 years and score in the mid 70s…Wow, everything was a draw! But the most astounding thing I noticed, and so did the guy in the next stall…was how loud the contact was with my irons. – Rick | Age 58

“I want to let you know that my driver distance and accuracy has improved quite a bit. I also am very happy with the way I am striking my irons they are definitely flying further with a nice 3 yard draw, one hop and stop. I am enjoying the game so much more with my new swing and I can’t wait to go practice and play. Thank You!James | Age 68

“With your swing I know that if I stay still on my left side, the shot I plan will be the shot I hit. Thank you, it’s a different game, feels almost like cheating.Kelvin

“Understanding stillness has revolutionized my game. My classic drives were 190-210 metres with a frequent push slice. Under this method I never push slice (ever) and produce lovely 240-250 metre draw shots (or fades if I choose). My game has radically changed for the better. I feel privileged to be under your tutelage Jim.Rob S

“Played 15 years on and off….Strange thing is(with the traditional swing), every time I had a lesson I played worse!! Now I wonder why that is? JV system works, end of story…David H

“It was easy to buy into Jim’s logic, and after practicing setup and swing in my garage, I took it out to the range. I started with wedges and short irons and loved the results. i had to see if it worked for hybrids and woods and I was blown away. I’m looking forward to takin git to the course!Alvin W

“If you’re not left in awe after following Jim’s training, golf is not the sport for you!

“Your technique has brought me from a 12 to a 5.8 handicap and I know it’s not a fluke.” – Lamont T

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