Watch Now | Jim Hits Balls & Tells Instructional Stories

What You’ll Learn

In this 4 part series, I work from the short irons to driver and combine hitting balls with sharing instructional stories in the hope to continue to give you insight on how I practice, what I experience when I practice, how I would like you to practice and more lessons on improving your game.

I cover the importance of establishing the correct focus and swing thought for consistent progress, how to develop the position that creates the action for good golf swings, how to warm up your swing with short irons, the importance of efficient trajectory, how to play out of a divot, why I teach what I teach, learning from your misses, how to work into your mid/long irons & 3 wood, the position of your weight for driver, why you don’t need to hit up on the ball with a driver, how to draw or fade driver, what to do after you work through the bag, how to enhance your practice experience and creating shots with wedges.